Tuesday, 31 January 2012

5 Bands to Look Out For in 2012.

1. Mutineers a 1980's synth inspired band from Manchester.
2.The Little Kicks a Scottish indie pop band with a bright future ahead of them.
3. Fatherson See my first post for more details on this band, but expect big things from them in 2012.
4. The Animation a Swedish rock band that are doing well in Sweden at the moment - only a matter of time before they break the UK.
5. Pulled Apart By Horses a heavy, screamy Leeds based band that will blow your speakers.

Click the links and check these bands out-many of whom I hope will be making it big by the end of this year.

Monday, 30 January 2012

X.E-L.A & The UFO Acid Godz

Okay prizes for weirdest, most difficult name goes to this next band from Newfoundland which is in either USA or Canada-they didn't specify- (and yaaaaay it's not a Scottish band this time). X.E-L.A & The UFO Acid Godz is a psychedelic folk artist and that's about all I know. However this appears to be a hidden gem amongst the indie music world and I'm rather pleased with this find. Get listening!!

He Slept On 57

This 3 piece band from Inverness are quite local to me and I've seen them about 5 times now when I've been at gigs in Inverness. They are usually the support act and consistently put out a good performance and take a bit of banter from their friends in the crowd. They have shared a stage with the likes of Twin Atlantic, Sucioperro and The LaFontaines.

 He Slept On 57 have released 2 Ep's and, from these, they have been compared to the likes of Scottish legends Biffy Clyro. They blend hard rocking with some more melodic guitars and have even used violins in Your Faint Memory They have also played a number of shows in big venues and they continue to burrow their way deeper into the Scottish music scene and I hope this band make it big as they deserve the plaudits.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The LaFontaines

The LaFontaines started off in the humble surroundings of their home town, Motherwell, yet within just a few years they have gone from strength to strength, climbing the ranks and being selected to play on the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park- where they set the record for the biggest crowd. Their original hip-hop-rock-electro mash up (which was once ridiculed) has led them to become one of the most inventive bands of the past few years.

I have seen The LaFontaines play twice now and their live performances are hugely energetic. Frontman Kerr's attitude towards the crowd carries a positive vibe through everyone, which leads to a tireless effort from all involved. You can listen to a few of their songs on the bands Myspace:
However, the band have expressed that a debut album is almost complete, and throughout 2011, and now 2012, they have/will release 6 songs which will then be followed by the full album.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Two Stripe

Before yesterday, I knew nothing of this 5 piece from Stirling. In fact that's about all I know about them- besides the fact that they are simply amazing. From what I can gather, they have just released their first 3 track EP Rush And Glamour, and from first listen, I love it. They're a sort of Dancey Indie type of music, so I'm sure they would be excellent to see live as well, so hopefully they will be playing somewhere soon. keep an eye out on their Twitter (@TwoStripe) and also on my own (@OTRIMusic) for any further updates.

Here is the bands Soundcloud as well where you can listen to their new Ep.
My personal favourite is What Goes Up.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Carnivores are a 3 piece punk rock band from Paisley who are reminiscent of fellow Scots Idlewild. They are self managed and have released everything to date - 3 singles and a 6 track mini album - via their own label Death Or Glory Music.

I watched them play live while supporting The LaFontaines but missed them when they came back to Inverness to play at Hootenany's. They were loud, energetic, and frontman, Kenny (I think) had a great presence-and even ended up playing in the crowd at the end of their half hour.

Carnivores have played at T in the Park, sold out King Tut's in Glasgow and have played live sessions for BBC Radio 1. They have also supported the likes of Twin Atlantic, The Xcerts and Frank Turner. Carnivores have just announced that they will be having a short Scottish tour in March/April so check them out if they're up your way!

The Twilight Sad

Another Scottish band, this time from Kilsyth, come in the form of The Twilight Sad (no vampire and wolves jokes please.) I actually played Fifa with these guys a few months ago now- and beat them. They are well established, kicking off with their debut album in 2007, Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters which was received to critical acclaim in the independent music world.

Their follow on album, Forget the Night Ahead was released in 2009 and the experimental album was bombarded with even further critical acclaim which was then followed with a series of headline tours across Europe and the US.

Now, I'm currently looking forward to their new album due on February 6th which is to be name No One Can Ever Know. The release of the their new video which was put on Youtube today provided yet another strange video that we have come to expect from the band now. Another Bed can be seen her (apologies for not having the actual video on here, technical difficulties and all that.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuehlm0aNfs&feature=g-all-u&context=G262975fFAAAAAAAAAAA&fb_source=message

Check out The Twilight Sad if you're looking for something a bit different and experimental.


The brilliant Fatherson- possibly the next Frightened Rabbit - (though, of course, no band can ever be as great as the mighty Frabbits) are a 3 piece band based in Glasgow who have enjoyed success throughout the UK after touring with the likes of Twin Atlantic, Idlewild, Panic! At the Disco and Feeder. They have released 2 EP's, the more recent self-titled EP contains the track 'Hometown' which is one of my favourite songs at them moment.

Have a listen to the band and see what you think for yourself. They are to be supporting Feeder at the Ironworks in Inverness on the 3rd of February - a gig which should not be missed!

Here is also a link to Fatherson's Bandcamp where you can buy or just listen to their fantastic sound, enjoy: http://fathersonuk.bandcamp.com/