Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Winter Tradition - secret show

Secret shows seem to be becoming more of a thing these days. Edinburgh band The Winter Tradition chose this as a way of playing some new material that they have been working on after confirming a second album is in the works.

The Mash House on the Cowgate was sold out on the night but didn't really fill up for opening act (half of) GoodCopGreatCop - an indie/alt rock band from Perth. They played an acoustic set full of catchy chorus, definitely a band I'd want to see again at full strength.

The people at the bar then made their way downstairs and packed out the venue as The Winter Tradition played a long set, making their way through new tracks and old favourites like Nightscape and Gradients.

There is clearly a lot of love for the local band who started their set behind what looked like a bed sheet. The effect of the white light behind the band made for a cool silhouette on our side before it dropped at the start if the second track to cheers from the crowd.

They played for around an hour before finishing with Nightscape as part of the much appreciated encore.

Now just to wait for news on the new album - the bands debut Gradients is still available in the meantime and it comes highly recommended (from me)!

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