Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tunes and tunes and tunes and tunes.

Okay, so just a quick update on what's going on right now and which songs you should be giving your ears the pleasure of listening to.

First up is the new single from Chvrches (Churches). Following up from the awesome debut 'Lies', they are back with 'The Mother We Share' and Chvrches continue to share their effortless synth work and flawless vocals with this new tune that is definitely getting them places.

Stirling based outfits Two Stripe and Johnny and the Giros have both recently revealed new tunes too after both bands working hard in their respective studios recording future EP's. Similarly to Chvrches, Two Stripe have female led vocals and use a lot of synth but in conjunction with indie rock guitar. This is shown with their latest release 'Horror Show' while we wait for their EP 'Bright Lights, Summer Nights' due in October.

On the other hand, Johnny and the Giros are an all male band with strong influences through LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. Their music wouldn't be out of place in a downtown New York indie nightclub- a real treat for dance lovers among us. This is their brand new song 'I Don't Need a Lover'.

Lastly we are going back to basics and the grassroots of today's music- a guitar and a video camera. Steven Hudson taught himself to play guitar a number of years ago and his love of music has taken him to Dundee where he will be spending the next 4 years doing instrument based courses to perfect his sound. At the moment he is gathering support through his YouTube channel whilst before moving away he had regular spots in pubs in our hometown Nairn. I've known Steven since primary school so give him a listen and share his music so I will have a claim to fame in the future! This is a home recording of Steven covering the Newton Faulkner song 'Dream Catch Me'.

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