Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fake Major

Last week it was announced that Endor were no longer, but the news was sweetened with the arrival of Fake Major, the new band formed between Richard Ferguson and David McGinty. Fake Major then released this lovely video starring young Ruby Crawford called Little Researcher on Vimeo. After watching this I was no longer heartbroken at the end of Endor. Fake Major are embarking on a wee Scottish tour which can be seen here:

Dundee // Non Zeros // February 12th // Supporting Michael Cassidy

Glasgow // Bloc (Slow Club) // February 18th // Support from Jon Bishop

Edinbugh // Wee Red Bar // February 24th

Inverness // Ironworks // March 16th // Supporting So Many Animal Calls

Glasgow // (LAID) // March 27th

Brew at the Bog Festival // May 4th

I shall be off to see them at both Inverness and Brew at the Bog! Enjoy!

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