Friday, 16 May 2014

Augustines | Liquid Rooms | 15/5/14

So this happened last night...
Augustines took the packed Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh by storm last night as they fired through song after song from their two albums in a two hour set. About 6 songs into the set, the band disappeared for a couple of minutes, appearing on the upper level balcony for a bit of an acoustic session. Billy's distinctly powerful voice echoed throughout the venue for one of those hair standing on end moments. And fair play to the crowd for staying so quiet. 

The Brooklyners played hard, full of love for the crowd and treated everyone to a special encore. The four of them made their way into the middle of the crowd to round off their set with 4 acoustic songs, one of them being a song from Billy's teenage years. The Twittersphere was going crazy with tweets to the band telling them how special a night it was, and I'd have to agree. 

If more bands treated their fans like Augustines, the music industry would be a much better place. 

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