Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Second Hand Marching Band

Just a few of the 20+ members.

The Second Hand Marching Band are a Scottish indie-folk band who have been together since the Autumn of 2007. The band started off as just one man and spread to the grand number of 23 over the period of just one month. Notable instruments used by these extra members include flute, ukulele, horns, mandolin, sax, accordions (and quite possibly the kitchen sink) all coming together into a huge 'untraditional folk' sound. The band take their influence from more traditional folk music and other Scottish bands like Glasgow legends Mogwai.

SHMB released their first EP A Dance Half to Death in 2008, comprising of 6 tracks. Layers upon layers of melodies are carefully constructed, with the intertwining sounds of ukulele, guitars and brass which helps to create a unique sound - and not one you would expect to hear, considering the instruments. The band continued this trend as they released their second EP Grit and Determination while then going on to record a session for the BBC.

This is A Dance Half to Death.
You can download both EP's as well as a compilation album all for £6 here:http://thesecondhandmarchingband.bandcamp.com/

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