Thursday, 29 March 2012

Johnny and the Giros

Hailing from Central Scotland, Indie-Electro band Johnny and the Giros are a band everyone will want to take off all their clothes and dance about naked to. After forming in 2007, JATG went down the route of modern 80's music which hooks and captivates their audiences, forcing them into some kind of strange, exuberant dance - the kind where you don't really know what you're doing, especially when the clothes come off. This has happened in many of the venues the band have played throughout the UK, including Glasgow's prestigious King Tut's (which was a sell-out). They have also supported many well established bands like Fenech Soler, The Sunshine Underground and the now disbanded Dykeenies. Below is The Day That Friction Overcame Fun and by going further you can get their newest release For Ourselves. Have a listen and don't blame me if you're mum walks in on you naked dancing.

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