Thursday, 10 May 2012

It's not Song of the Day, it's Song of the Week!!

Due to issues under my control, it has become far too much work for me -with my busy life- to do a song of the day every day. Instead, I've taken the decision to change to a song of the week which will take place on Thursday's.

Without further ado, I give to you Song of the Week numero 1:

They go by the name Quickbeam and they are about to become one of those bands that everyone recognises the songs, just not the name. They don't play music, they create it, and after watching them play live, in my opinion, they are much better to listen to recorded. They are awfully quiet and not a festival or large venue type of band- competing with the chatter of the audience would be just too much. If I recall, in their live set there was six members on stage- there just seemed too much going on for it to be so quiet. I also found them a tad pretentious. But they do make some excellent music.

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