Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Bedroom Hour

With the limited success of previous bands on the unsigned London circuit, The Bedroom Hour formed as a band wanting to progress further than they previously could individually. At the moment the band are writing as well as building up their fanbase around the country with a view to gig. They are not the type of band who are in it for the money however, they are looking to do everything the proper way and even though it may take longer, it's something they enjoy doing which, to the band, is more important than money.

Music wise, The Bedroom Hour produce psychedelic guitar/synth based tunes similar to bands such as The Boxer Rebellion and Doves. They are a 5 piece and are lucky enough to be able to have their own studio where they can practice and record. The band are on Twitter so give them a follow if you're on it too. Also if  you are yet to like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter then please do to keep up to date with future proceedings which will more than likely include The Bedroom Hour as they are definitely ones to watch. 

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