Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mata MacDonald

Taking a mix of country folk and Americana with a heavy Celtic twist, Mata MacDonald creates his own brand of music; Hebricana. This stems from his rural upbringing on the isles of the Outer Hebrides, which has been the main source of influence on his music- as well as travelling in Canada.

After many years of playing only to friends and family, Mata finally began to record in February 2010 and his efforts were rewarded when he placed at #10 in the Myspace charts for both Americana and Country music, after only 3 months. Shortly after he was further rewarded with his first gig before going on to record more tracks.

In September 2011, Mata released his debut EP "Hebricana" which achieved great success, reaching #6 in the Amazon Country charts. Lyrically, Mata's music is a modern take on his rural island upbringing but also deals with love and loss, making his music easy for listeners to relate to and the perfect soundtrack to a relaxing Scottish Summer (I use the term 'Summer' loosely!) 

For now, Mata is continuing to look for gigs, write, record and expand his fanbase- check him out on Facebook or Twitter or even on his own website which is, aesthetically, very appealing and makes it simple to get to grips with Mata's music.

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