Thursday, 31 December 2015

Albums of the 2015

It has been another great year for Scottish music as it continues to export some brilliant albums. Some may say Scotland has punched above it's weight for many years, but maybe now it's just something the country is good at - and we don't get to say that very often!

I've been quiet on the blog this year, but I've decided to make a list of albums I've enjoyed this year. 

1. Admiral Fallow - Tiny Rewards

Album number three from Admiral Fallow grew on me a lot over the year, eventually becoming a favourite.

2. Kathryn Joseph - Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I've Spilled

It was a huge year for Kathryn Joseph who seemingly came from nowhere to release one of the most enthralling albums of the year. It's almost hypnotic!

3. Idlewild - Everything Ever Written

A bit of a comeback album for indie rock legends Idlewild brought a matured sound whilst keeping their distinct sound we know and love.

4. Young Fathers - White Men are Black Men Too

Surprise winners of the 2014 Mercury Prize, Young Fathers' second album brings more experimental hip-hop in their own unique fashion. I wasn't a fan of the first album, but this has been one of the most played albums this year.

5. The LaFontaines - Class

More hip-hip, this time from Motherwell. The LaFontaines debut album has gone down as a success as they continue to build a loyal fan base right across the country. I first saw these guys play to about 15 people in 2012; 2015 saw them sell out the Barrowlands in Glasgow, and that speaks volumes.

6. Phantom Band - Fears Trending

The Phantom Band have a habit of releasing albums without really telling anyone, so you may have missed this. Melancholic synth-folk music at it's finest!

7. Cherri Fosphate - We Didn't Come Here to Say Goodbye

Another debut album makes the list. It's raw, it's catchy and it was a long time coming. Worth the wait though. I recently did a full review of the album.

8. Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat - The Most Important Place in the World

Man of many musical talents, Bill Wells teams up with the man who should be Scotland's Poet Laureate, Aidan Moffat for the second time. Within the tales of love, sex and drinking, there is something heartening in there, I think.....

9. Rachel Sermanni - Tied to the Moon

It has been a good few years for Rachel Sermanni as popularity for the folk musician has grown tremendously across the world. Poetic lyrics, with perfectly composed music to go with it.

10. The Winter Tradition - Lumi

The Edinburgh outfit have released an impressive album full of guitar/synth driven tunes with big, singalong choruses. Even after some big support slots, The Winter Tradition are still slightly underground in Scotland. I hope 2016 sees them continue to tour hard and get the big break they deserve. 

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