Thursday, 8 November 2012


If you follow NME, then you may have already heard of Ninetails after they premiered their brand new video for their brand new song from their brand new album! But it could be so brand new that you have yet to see it, so out of the kindness of my heart, I won't let you miss out on this special band. Ninetails, from Liverpool, have built a strong fanbase over the past 6 months after performances at Sound City festival and were labelled as 'Ones to Watch' by Vice. This accolade was reinforced with NME, Clash and Fake DIY all in agreement.

The band specialize in creating ambient music with precise, hyper realistic guitar work, which, in the case of Maybe We helps them to organize a bit of confusion as they compare their minds to a Rubix cube and explore euphoria.

Their album is due on December 10th and is titled 'Sleep and No Sleep.'  It will price on a 'pay as you feel' system which will be accompanied by a limited number of cassettes. Two more videos are also due for release at this time.

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