Monday, 14 January 2013

Chartburst- Helping bands connect to major labels

Chartburst is a brand new service that connects unsigned musicians with the worlds biggest records labels via their user-voted, genre-specific charts.

Chartburst was created as there is currently nowhere that unsigned musicians can get their music heard by the major labels. The service has been made to be user friendly, cheap and efficient for musicians to get their music to the ears of the people that matter when it comes to getting their 'big break'.

 There are ten charts (one for each genre) that cover the musical spectrum (from Hiphop to House). Users vote on their favourite tracks and twice a month the top 5 submissions from each chart are forwarded to A&R (talent scouts) at major record labels for guaranteed, structured review and deal consideration.

It's free to create an account if you are using Chartburst to vote for your favourite bands, but musicians pay £5 per month (£2.50 during beta) to upload to the charts where they can potentially be heard by the labels.

All the major labels are involved: Sony Music, Warner Bros, Atlantic Records, Columbia Records etc.

The beta is due to be launched today (January 14th).

This blog has been selected by the Chartburst creator so that my readers can have a free trial of the beta. This will operate on a first come first served basis. 200 free trials will be available out of 1000 overall so there will be a fair chance for you to get a code, but do be quick. And if you're a musician then obviously the quicker you sign up, the more chance you will have of getting the most votes and your music sent to the major record labels.
 To get one of these free trials, head over to and type in the following code: OTRIMEARLYBIRD

If you think this will interest friends or bands, please let them know and share the link to this page. You could help them strike a deal with a major label and expand the band as a whole. 

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