Monday, 11 March 2013

The Olive Grove Records Mini 'Barn' Tour.

Randolph's Leap, State Broadcasters and Jo Mango, from the brilliant wee label Olive Grove Records, went on a two date tour of a couple of northern barns - that being Woodend Barn in Banchory and Bogbain Farm , Inverness. I was at the 'best unusual venue' of 2012 which is Bogbain's barn venue on Friday night to see two brilliant bands that I've been listening to for a year or so now and Jo Mango who I'd never actually listened to before.

Randolph's Leap are usually an 8 piece but for this show they were a duo. Frontman Adam Ross warmed the crowd and the crowd quickly warmed to him in the icy conditions with his witty lyrics of him being a telephone psychic and pretending to do the luge in the bath, before eventually finishing off with all 3 bands chanting a rousing rendition Going Home.  Randolph's Leap were my favourite act that night and I'm now awaiting their return to Bogbain for Brew at the Bog in May.

The State Broadcasters were next to grace the stage. They put on a brilliant performance playing songs mostly from Ghosts We Must Carry, and announcing the upcoming release (which is actually today) of a new single. There was a distinct theme of birds going through all of the acts' songs and this was continued when State Broadcasters played Kittiwake. Having a harp as a main instrument was also very interesting and unique. I think it works though, and credit to Gillian for being able to play the harp so well whilst singing.

Lastly, we were treated to Jo Mango. As I said, I'd never listened to her music before, but her bands' music reminded me of Esperi, with added French Accordian. Jo played a full set, spoke about her stalking people in Inverness and also continued the theme of birds, teaching us about bird calls in one of her songs.

It was a brilliant night, only ruined by a couple of guys (from MFR radio) who spoke throughout the gig. But when they were quiet for a couple of minutes, there was some truly lovely music on display, and there is a real sense of pure talent coming from the Olive Grove Record label. Long live indie music.

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