Monday, 1 April 2013

Now Playing....

It's a pretty nice day today up here in the Highlands. It has been chilled out so far with some great music on play while I'm dottering about.

First up I've had the song Twisted Little Theatre by London based band Killing Fields of Ontario. The song is a bit of organised madness with pulsating drums while the main riff is being overshadowed by the untraditional sound of an organ.

King of the Opera have also been on today's playlist. The Italian band have just produced their debut album Nothing Outstanding. From listening to the album, there are a lot of influences coming from different directions. For a while, it could be Radiohead, other wise, there are definite hints of perhaps The Doors and also a post-rock sound that I more than welcomed. Here is the video for the brand new song, The Floating Song.

Lastly, for the rock fans out there, here is Super73- a Alt-rock band from central England. They have been making great strides the past wee while and have just secured a license for their music to be promoted in the USA. The future is looking bright for Super73 after they formed from the downfall of previous bands. They are now looking to break into the city scenes across the country to get their high energy music out to new fans.

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