Sunday, 29 November 2015

Cherri Fosphate

It's been nearly 3 years since I first saw Glasgow based rock outfit Cherri Fosphate, and in that time they have become a firm favourite with their slick riffs and catchy choruses. The release of their EP Burning Youth in 2013 showed us what the band are capable of, and I've been looking forward to hearing more ever since.

We Didn't Come Here to Say Goodbye was officially released just over a week ago on Bloc+ (a great wee label), and provides more of those catchy upbeat tunes, with the unmistakable vocal of Jonny Sharpe. Opener Sea Foam Green is raw and fast paced with heavy riffs while Neighbour and Auf Weidersen are the most memorable tracks with their sing-along choruses.

Through the middle of the record, the album flows nicely through some of the songs from the Burning Youth EP, all of which wouldn't be out of place in the underground NYC music scene (well, minus the Glesga accent!).

My personal favourite, Monster, is a slight change of pace. A slow builder of intricate guitar work before bursting into life while Jonny shouts "I'm not pathetic" repeatedly. You're not pathetic, Jonny.

The album picks up pace again with the fast paced drumming of Sonny Kaith in Kerry Rodgers, before winding down to a close with Didn't See You - a nice wee ballad to bring the heart rate back down after an album full of energy and passion.

This is a record you can play on repeat for days, yet appreciate something new each time.

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