Monday, 6 February 2012

Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead are a 5 piece indie, poppy, jazzy, Bombay Bicycle/Animal Collective band from England. I first became aware of this band about a year ago when I briefly saw them at Rockness where they were playing to a crowd of less than 100. But they have received a bit of attention from Radio 1 and Radio 6 where they got some air time and they also appeared on E4 drama Skins, twice in one episode. They are on tour at the moment and I'll hopefully be seeing them again in Inverness on March 1st. I expect big things from this band who are sounding fantastic already, without the release of any album- only a couple of EP's. Listen to all the tracks but, in particular, Glockenspeil Song, which is probably the best and realises the bands full potential.

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