Friday, 13 April 2012

Gentlemen Duke.

Gentlemen Duke formed 2 years ago this month (April, 2009) in the South Eastern county of Kent. They perform modern country-folk music, differing from most of today's music. They mix old and new mirroring the sounds of Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke whilst maintaining the modern edge of Mumford and Sons.
The band have played all over London, with their fans being treated with the live performances of their new EP titled alliteratively, Mild Mannered Madmen. It was recorded throughout 2011 and was released in January this year. It contains 3 toe-tapping country songs and its release has reached all corners of the world- 240 to be exact.
After a busy year, the band have no signs of slowing down by any reach and perhaps this year we will see an album and  a tour, who knows. The Ep can be downloaded on iTunes for the mere price of £1.79- now that's value for money.

If Gentlemen Duke are playing at a venue near you I would urge you to go and see them, they will not disappoint!

The Dirty South
Sat 7th April 2012

WEDDING (Private Gig) (Rock'n'Roll Wedding Magazine)
Sat 21st April 2012

Rochester Sweeps Festival
Sun 6th May 2012
Rochester, Kent.

Hops And Harvest Festival
Sat 8th September 2012
Maidstone, Kent

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