Thursday, 5 April 2012

My musical taste over the years...

So after a busy few weeks I thought I'd share with you my favourite artist and albums that have made an impact on my relatively short life. Music has always been an important feature to me and I try to appreciate the most talented artists;I don't tend to have time for anything 'mainstream' (but don't get me wrong, I'm not a hipster). I dislike many of the 'artists' in the Top 40 who only make their music for the money involved ie Justin Bieber or One Direction who make their money through millions of 'fangirls'-who only like them because of their looks. Anyway I'm going off the subject now...favourite albums:

 1. Arab Strap- The Week Never Starts Round Here. The debut album by Arab Strap was released in 1996. Now, I was only a wee boy then so I didn't get into this album until a good few years ago, but still it's my favourite release from the Scottish duo due to the way it's free from care - Moffat and Middleton were renowned for speaking their mind. The First Big Weekend is probably in my top 10 songs of all time. It is basically an Aidan Moffat monologue about a drink fuel weekend while Malcolm Middleton plays guitar and a drum machine keeps the beat.

2. Belle and Sebastian- Tigermilk. Another debut by another Scottish band, Tigermilk for me was just a perfect album by one of the most influential bands ever to come out of this country. This album was recorded in between the day time jobs the band members had, and it allowed them to turn professional, so it must be something special. It laid the foundations of the legendary band who went on to produce a few amazing albums like If You're Feeling Sinister.

3. Broken Social Scene- You Forgot it in People. This 2002 release from Canadian Indie-rockers first bought the band their breakthrough into international recognition. It sold 200,000 copies globally and featured a very Avant Garde sound which isn't unusual for BSS. This album made it into the 'Albums of the Decade' on 3 different online magazines so people must like the experimental sounds which lead to Broken Social Scene becoming one of the best Candian bands...ever.

4. Frightened Rabbit- The Midnight Organ Fight. 2007 was the year I was first aware of Frightened Rabbit; 2008 subsequently brought the release of their second album on the completely Indie label FatCat Records. My favourite band have never failed to deliver and this was no exception as Scott Hutchison makes every song brutally honest as he pours out his feelings from the very bottom of his heart, sang along to a lot of acoustic guitar alongside electric guitar, piano and of course, drums. The Midnight Organ Fight made it into several different Album of the Year awards - from both the UK and the US - showing just how well recognised this album was, and also how great it was. Seeing FRabbit live was one of the best experiences possible and I've got tickets to see them twice more in the space of a month- it's hard to contain my excitement!

5. Admiral Fallow- Boots Met My Face. After this release in 2010, I made the biggest mistake ever by overlooking this album. I must have been deluded not to give it a proper listen. This album is amazing. Seriously. The orchestral indie folk band have been playing together since 2007 and have released this album and are getting ready for the release of their next album Tree Bursts in Snow (See previous Admiral Fallow post). There is a huge variety of instruments from clarinets to violin and all songs are effortlessly written by Louis Abbott. In many ways he reminds me of Scott from Frightened Rabbit. The way the pair are both able to just write in a way that evoke so many emotions is just incredible.

So that's just a few of my favourite albums. This took me ages to decide because there is so much good music out there by so many good bands- both new and old. If anyone has the same sort of taste or anything different, please feel free to comment with your albums, it would be good to know what my readers are into.

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