Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Meet the Panto's!

I recently caught up with Margate based The Pantomime Villains after the release of their debut EP Dreamland. Here's what the boys had to say:

Who are the Pantomime Villains?

We are Jake, Josh, Callum and Harry. We don't expand on that any further.

So are you a bit secretive? 

H: Only about Jake's sexuality.
C: I thought everyone new that...

Obviously, you're in this band together, but do you all get on? 

J: We demand separate dressing rooms.
H: We are all best mates...except Josh.
C: Yeah, no one likes a ginger.

How is your music going down on both local and national levels? 

J: The nation is involuntarily deaf to our new born cry, but it is going down very well locally, and we can only grow from there.

If a record label were to offer you fame and fortune, but you must do what they tell you, would you change?

J: No. We will take constructive criticism but will never abort our ideals.

What has the feedback been like for the Dreamland EP? 

C: Furiously positive.

And what about an album/tour in the future? 

J: I think we would need label support for that.
C: Yeah, it's something we would love to do but at this time, it wouldn't be beneficial.

How do you feel about the future of The Pantomime Villains?

C: The future's bright, the future's Orange (especially with Josh involved)?
J: Brilliant.

Below you can listen to the brilliant debut EP from the Pantomime Villains. Opener Tales of Deceit was described by BBC Introducing's Jacob Rikard as 'The best thing they have ever done.' I will second this. Meanwhile, lead track Falling for the Trap will be a summer anthem (when summer finally comes aroud!) with a bass line capable of making even the most robotic of dancer let loose.  Following on with Realise, a song where slightly darker-than-usual lyrics are mixed with jangly guitars and as good a drum beat for dancing to as you can get, Dreamland comes to it's climax with Closer, where each member of the band kicks it up a notch to show off their quality as a band.

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