Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New Music

After an extended break (I've been busy) I am back to bring you some of the best new music out at the moment. And did someone say Sigur Rós are back? Hell yes. One of my favourite bands return with Kveikur - their new album released on Monday past. As Jonsi said to one of the 'bigger' music websites, it is their most aggressive record to date, and some of the noises they have produced are borderline scary! Think falsetto Mogwai. The word Kveikur translates to 'candlewick' but when spoken sounds like 'quake' in English, and comes after Valtari, which translated to 'Roller' and had the aura of a calm and tranquil sea. So to me, Valtari was the calm before Kveikur brought the storm. Anyway, this, for me, is one of the top albums this year; placing between Pedestrian Verse from Frightened Rabbit and Trouble Will Find Me by The National.

Quickbeam have released their self-titled debut album which got them to number 10 in the Record Store Charts. With songs like 700 Hundred Birds achieving critical acclaim, the future is looking bright for the band. The record itself goes along at a steady and mellow place with the wonderful voice of Monika at the forefront as layer upon layer of orchesterial music is formed, occasionally reaching the crescendo moment. Quickbeam is available to listen below.

Cherri Fosphate have also released their debut EP Burning Youth. These catchy four tracks show all signs of promise from the young Glasgow based band whose live shows are full of confidence and consistency (and were probably one of the best acts at Brew at the Bog a few weeks back). The toe tapping Wool appears to be the lead track from the EP but my favourite song for no real reason is closing track Kerry Rodgers. The whole EP has catchy choruses to sing along to and riffs that will bring out the air-guitar hero in us all!

Other music I have been listening to includes the brand new album Desire Lines from Camera Obscura. I've been waiting in anticipation for a new release from them and at first listen, I am certainly not disappointed. I haven't listened enough to write a full review but I can't wait to listen more.

Boards of Canada have however been of great disappointment after all the hype surrounding Tomorrow's Harvest. Again, another band we have all been waiting on coming back from hiatus, but it doesn't feel like an album that has been 8 years in the making. But even after the ground breaking previous albums, it would be near impossible to replicate this to an audience 8 years older who would still enjoy it as much.

Anyway, hope you will find something you like here to keep you busy (Sigur Rós, Sigur Rós, Sigur Rós, Sigur Rós do it).

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  1. Really tough to produce new music right now; even tougher to get it out there. Yet with the social media being what it is now, there's quite a lot of avenues for selling and broadcasting talents. Method and cunning are what's decisive in getting a band on the radar, so to speak, but then again, when was it not really? Would love to check your picks out.