Monday, 28 October 2013

Shooting Stansfield

Any band who are likened to Frightened Rabbit and The National must be doing something right, and Shooting Stansfield are definitely worthy of the plaudits. The Edinburgh four-piece are not shy in citing their influences, many of which are well established on the Scottish music scene and the release of their EP We Know Not What We Do to rave reviews back in June, showed mature songwriting skills and the ability of the band as they create lovely layered music alongside passionate, rousing choruses and melodies.

 I must admit I missed their email when it came through so I'm probably not up to date fully with the band, though I'm hoping this short feature will make up for it. However, Shooting Stansfield are set to be working on an album in the coming future, which will be highly anticipated, I'm sure (and I promise to be on the ball when it is released!!)

We Know Not What We Do is available on the usual websites (Amazon, iTunes etc), and would be the perfect addition to your 'Indie' or 'Chilled Out' playlist, as each song effortlessly rolls onto the next, and all six songs pass with ease and, of course, you have to play it again. And for those of us who like picking up on every lyric, there are some gems in these six songs:

"If hollow is not a normal thing then I need filling in / If emptiness comes from within, then we are struggling."

And I'll leave it at that; Shooting Stansfield.

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